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There is an abundance of online offerings right now - many from big global brands but we are urging you to support your local fitness instructor or PT who is doing it tough just trying to make ends meet.

Most fitness professionals are self employed and during lockdown with gyms closed, teaching online is their only income source.

We will be profiling instructors to help you choose so you can keep physically fit and support your mental health during these difficult times of COVID lockdown.


has been in the fitness industry for almost 13 years and pre lockdown, was teaching a huge range of classes from Pilates to Body Combat to name just a few!

Ema is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist and hugely interested in the link between physical and mental health – something that’s become even more apparent in this last year due to covid related lockdowns.

Within a couple of weeks of the UK’s first lockdown, Ema moved her businesses online and has been really enjoying it. She teaches classes in a private Facebook group and also runs a weekly Yoga class via Zoom. Her hypnotherapy sessions have also moved to video calls and her library of guided relaxation recordings is ever growing.

If you would like to do classes with Ema or are interested in a hypnotherapy session you can receive further information from her newsletter.

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